Obviously you have already learned that I love to cook. Cook, bake, just sit around with an apron on…you know. Whatever works. I love, love, love anything vintage. I’ve loved it since before the craze. In fact when I was 14-15 I had these crazy wine colored pants that I wore ALL the time and my mom hated them. They ended up “accidentally” getting ruined in the wash one day, but I can’t say I really blame her. I would probably think they were hideous today.

Peanut Butter. Mmmmm, love it. Can’t live without it. I will gladly eat PB & J for lunch any day of the week. Maybe even breakfast and dinner. But let’s not get crazy.

My one heart’s wish is to someday own an old victorian home, fill it with gorgeous antiques, and items I have lovingly restored. Add a beautiful yard full of glorious flowers and I am a happy girl.

I love color! Green especially, yellow, purple, anything bright and cheery. I’m not a black, white, or gray kind of girl.

I believe in dreams, love at first sight, karma, wishes coming true, miracles, fairies, magic, and God. I know, a little contradictory there…I’m not apologizing.

I love a good book, I will get sucked in and attached to characters. I fall in love with them, fall in hate with them, fight battle with them, and mourn them when the book is over. I’ll even think of them after the book is read and finish their stories in my mind.

I love boxer dogs. I own two. Atlas & Kane, they are my life’s breath. Their sister Ela, who is a cat is also a love of my life. She’s sneaky…and smart. I’m sure she’s in on the whole “taking over the world one cat at a time,” conspiracy.

I pretend I’m funny. I’m not.  Yes, now you can laugh.

I like to laugh at myself.

I am obsessed with cupcakes, and any type of soup. I love soup, I will even eat it on a 90 degree day.

I struggle to eat well, the whole 3 square meal, food pyramid thing may as well be written in hyroglyfphs.

I’m a great speller, but sometimes I confuse your, & you’re and other things that may drive you crazy. Again, no apologies. Sorry.

Oh, man.

I dream of babies, my someday wedding, world peace, and a cure for AIDS & Cancer.

More than anything…I pour my heart and soul into the things I make. When I make food for you, really go out of my way to do it…it means I love you. Or at the very least, you’re very important to me. Cooking is a passion. If I had unlimited resources, I would cook all day. I want to own my own restaurant or cafe someday…I have lots of ideas.

I’m loyal, happy, most of the time positive, and so excited to be on this journey with you.

Welcome, and THANK YOU for coming.


Love, Bobbie Sue

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