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Recycled Jar Candle for Decor

I am so excited to share the pretties with you guys today! I had been harboring this recycled Bertolli pasta jar for over a week now with plans for what I could do with it. Which led me to the idea that I could share a few different things with you all. I like to recycle as much as possible, and if I can make something pretty out of the things I recycle, well that is even better.

I’ve been obsessed recently with the idea of red, black, & white for wedding colors. No, I am not engaged or planning a wedding. But one can dream, right? I also know that, for me, when I get married a $20,000 wedding is not an option. More because I really just can’t justify in my mind spending that much on a single day. To me, it’s more important to have all of my friends and family with me, and at the end of the day to have married the single man in all the world that I can imagine spending the rest of my life with. I’m also a hands-on type person, so DIY really appeals to me. The fact that doing it DIY style means it’s more of a reflection of us and our tastes, is only icing on the cake.

For that reason, I created this jar candle holder with black & white lace, and red rosettes and I am in love with it! It’s so pretty and perfectly what I had imagined. Add to that, the fact that I think Bertolli pasta jars are simply the most beautiful jars known to man and these are a very good possibility for centerpieces when I do finally get hitched.


So, you start with a jar of your choice…doesn’t have to be Bertolli. Lace of your choice, and you could even just do one strip instead of layering like I did. GLUE GUN!



I tried Mod Podge, it did not work so I wouldn’t recommend that method personally.

Start gluing parts at a time. You need to get the lace onto the jar within 15 seconds so don’t try to glue the whole thing at once. Press firmly, but be careful! The glue is hot. I purposefully purchased a low setting glue gun instead of high for this reason. If it can burn me, even the slightest chance I will find a way. Same with cutting. If it can cut me, I will find a way. I’m a disaster magnet. If I was a hurricane, they’d call me Hurricane Bobbie. Just be safe. Please. Once you have it entirely glued, it should look like this.


Oooohhhh. Aaaahhhh.

Next, glue another piece on. I had an ugly seam that I needed to cover up which made me choose the black and then I saw the red rosettes in the store and it was all over.

DIY Spanish Lace Decorated Recycled jar decorations


I lined up the Black & White lace but this picture doesn’t depict that very well. Rest assured, the lace is aligned. No need to go all OCD on me. Promise? Okay. Thanks.

Next, the rosettes!

Recycled Jar Candle for Decor

They really make this jar. Without them I think it would be a sad, sad jar. I like it like this. Add a candle, and voila! This cost me about $14, but you can easily cut the cost by using less expensive lace, or not layering as I did. And the jar was FREE, so you can’t beat that.

I’m thrilled with this, I think putting a bunch of these at the center of tables for a wedding or some other fancy schmance party would really lend a lot of ambiance and set the mood perfectly. What do you think? Did this inspire you to recycle something and make it pretty?

DIY Wedding Centerpieces with candles


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      Hi Shannon! I found the rosettes at Joanne’s fabrics. :) Thanks for your question!

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