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In my About Me page, I talk all about the fact that if I LOVE you, or in the very least just really like you a lot…I cook for you. If I go crazy and make a 4 course meal with a fancy dessert and all the little touches, you are one of the most important people in my life and this is how I say it without actually saying the words. They say men are the non-verbal species, they show their love in what they DO for you…but I think women are very similar in that respect.

When we love you, we cook for you, we clean for you, we do your laundry, rub your shoulders, take care of you when you’re sick, and on occasion we’ll do the chores that are “Yours,” without being asked to, and without asking for praise. Of course we need to be told more often how much we are loved instead of just shown…we’re not up on the non-verbal cues, but give a woman enough love and there isn’t a limit on how much she will do for you, give to you, or sacrifice for you. We are, in our very nature…sacrificial. Even when we don’t want to be, and especially when we have to be. For goodness sakes, nothing says sacrifice like carrying a child for 9 months. But when we know that sacrifice is for the greater good, we do it. No complaints.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of getting your wife/girlfriend something you think she wants…give her something that shows you KNOW the sacrifices she makes and you love her for it. Diamonds are nice, going out to eat is nice, these things are sure to make her feel special. But put some thought into it. Make her a meal at home…it’s not hard, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Throw some rose petals in a scented bath, light some candles, and leave the room to her. Tell her to relax. Add a new book and some magazines so she can read while she relaxes. Have your kids make something special for mom, do some research on crafts. They are all over the internet now-a-days, complete with tutorials and templates. Ask their teachers for some suggestions. Really THINK. Women appreciate these little things more than the diamonds, the flowers, the meal at a fancy restaurant. WHY do they appreciate them more? Because they really say I LOVE YOU, I *SEE* YOU.

And remember, food really IS love. <3


I love you I see you


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