February 5, 2012 admin

Candied Lemon Slices & Lemon Cupcakes


So, I’ve meant to have another blog post up wayyy prior to today, but unfortunately we have been so busy and our main computer with Photoshop on it is shared between myself and my boytoy, T. When I do get a chance to use it, it’s mainly used for working on clients’ photos and managing my blog. Obviously not this blog, and yes…I spend a lot of time “Pinteresting.” Funny, how in such a short period of time, Pinterest can develop it’s own verb. I am officially addicted! I kid you not. And if you find me on Pinterest, you’ll see why and probably develop your very own addiction. Don’t worry…we can start a support group.

Anyway, I have pictures all finished and ready to upload for my amazing Bacon Macaroni & Cheese, and I will be sure to get that uploaded tomorrow sometime. The boy helped me with a couple of the photos, simply because I really needed three arms and I wasn’t about to risk 3rd degree burns just over being stubborn. Believe me, I tried!
In my process of coming up with more blog fodder, I came up with a recipe I will be trying to develop very soon. Wait for it….Lemon Cupcakes with either Blueberry or Lemon filling, and candied lemon slices. I’ve even considered going with chocolate filling…mmmm. Maybe this is where I will head.

This Limoncello Meyer Lemon Cupcake photo came from www.52kitchenadventures.com
The recipe is included on the page, but originally came from Tartelette. Beautiful photography from the blogger, I was mesmerized. There were a lot of lemon cupcake recipes to choose from and I chose this one because of the very nice photographs. I also found a great recipe for candied lemon slices, but I will share that when I actually make them and have my own photos to share.
During my research tonight, I also ran across the cutest video EVER:
It’s You’re My Honeybunch “The Original Cuppycake Song,” sung by a 3 year old and it is just too adorable! I hope you enjoy. Since we’re on the subject of cupcakes once again, what are your favorite cupcakes and do you have a favorite recipe.


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